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Sport Betting Sites Strategies: The POP Pick 3

February 9, 2016
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The POP Pick 3

If you’re fond of horse races, you should know that the POP pick 3 (playing overlays in pick 3’s) is one of the best sports betting strategies. It’s about singling a horse in one leg, and betting on two more in the remaining two legs. But, keep in mind that singling 2-1 is not recommended, as you want be able to get the desired payout. The POP pick 3 sport betting sites strategy will triple your odds and win you a good payout.

For this sport betting sites strategy, it’s recommended to have a $500 bankroll. You’ll be placing $25 wagers. It’s always recommended to make a separate bankroll for the POP pick 3 sport betting sites strategy, if possible. If $this sum is too much for you, you can always play the light POP pick 3 strategy version.

First you’ll need to choose a horse to single. You need at least 3-1 odds. It is necessary to find a pick 3 bet that not many bettors will place (this will increase the payout).

Tip: value odds horses should be avoided. Also, the remaining two legs should have 8 horses entered (or more). Secondly, make sure that the next two horses of your choosing have true odds of 6-1 or better. If you already have a favorite with good odds, back up your bet strategies wager with a win bet to boost the payout.

Light version

The POP pick 3 light version: bet on one preferred horse with 3 horses in the remaining two legs. Note: the horses should be within the true odds range.

Tip: it’s always a good idea to keep a log of your actions, as this is the winning formula. Keep a record every wager placed, to boost your odds and increase the payout. Sportsbook wager is, after all, as profitable as it is fun.

Best sport betting sites

And lastly we come to the most important matter: where to play your POP pick 3 strategy? At a licensed and trusted betting site, of course. At Sport Betting Sites, you’ll find the finest selection of recommended betting sites. Gamble only at trusted sites as to maximize your payouts and get guaranteed payouts and best bonuses. Sign up today to start betting like a pro!

Get Started on Sport Betting Sites

Welcome to Sport Betting Sites

February 7, 2015
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Sport Betting Sites

Welcome to Sport Betting Sites, your best online source for all things sport betting! Here you will find all you need to know in order to become a successful sports bettor: from sports headlines to expert strategies! Visit our knowledgebase to get started, sign up at our recommended online sportsbooks! We at will teach you how to develop habits that are crucial for winning at sport betting. We will help you become patient, bide your time, and triple your gains!

On top of that, our recommended sport betting sites will allow you to wager for free! Picking best betting sites is the first step. Although the offer might seem overwhelming, the truth is that this quest is not a difficult one at all. For starters, you will find the best recommendations at Sport Betting Sites. All of our recommended sites are licensed and offer free bonuses to new bettors! You may easily check whether an online sportsbook is licensed or not. Acknowledged gambling associations don’t make their affiliates secret.

Payouts and bonuses

Online payouts are far easier than beginners believe. If you bet in licensed sport betting sites, your payoffs are guaranteed! And don’t forget that free bonuses you will get may easily turn to real money if you know your bet types. Knowing how to make educated guesses is the key to winning big.

Apart from our knowledgebase, sport betting sites we recommend will provide you with tips and guidelines to help you make your decisions. Licensed sportsbooks take care of their bettors: after all, it is profitable for both sides. Leaving free bonuses aside, multiple accounts are the second best benefit sport betting sites have in store for you. Imagine tripling free money and you will understand why. All free bonuses are reloaded on a regular basis, so simply collecting and accumulating them will increase your budget dramatically.

Recommended sport betting sites

What professional bettors advise is having at least three betting  accounts. In this way, you will always be able to play the best line, and multiple times at that. Other benefits come to mind: more free money, more tips, and greater fund accumulation. Know your goals and skills and always keep informed. Online sport betting sites will help you become rich, but the decision is entirely upon you. Therefore, check our knowledgebase regularly. Adapt your strategy to suit your development.

And finally, to start betting online, sign up at our trusted sport betting sites. Collect free money, triple your gains! Bet for free in best online sportsbook on the internet!

Tips and Strategies

Wagering Wisely at Sport Betting Sites

February 6, 2015
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Many people are far too casual when it comes to online betting. Are you among them? Many false presumptions and behavioral patterns define this group that thinks free betting doesn’t pose any risks. When licensed sport betting sites are concerned, you should know that albeit providing you with free money, they may also help you become rich.

“Licensed” is the keyword here, as there have always been many crooks around. Even if the betting site looks good, it doesn’t mean it’s trusted. Scam artists sure know how to take advantage of the situation!

The key question here is whether online sportsbooks are secure and safe for everyone. Many sport betting sites are licensed, but then again, there are also many that aren’t. So, how do you make sure you don’t get scammed? Using your brain is always the first solution. The second is applying some basic tips.

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