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Sport Betting Sites Strategies: The POP Pick 3

February 9, 2016
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The POP Pick 3

If you’re fond of horse races, you should know that the POP pick 3 (playing overlays in pick 3’s) is one of the best sports betting strategies. It’s about singling a horse in one leg, and betting on two more in the remaining two legs. But, keep in mind that singling 2-1 is not recommended, as you want be able to get the desired payout. The POP pick 3 sport betting sites strategy will triple your odds and win you a good payout.

For this sport betting sites strategy, it’s recommended to have a $500 bankroll. You’ll be placing $25 wagers. It’s always recommended to make a separate bankroll for the POP pick 3 sport betting sites strategy, if possible. If $this sum is too much for you, you can always play the light POP pick 3 strategy version.

First you’ll need to choose a horse to single. You need at least 3-1 odds. It is necessary to find a pick 3 bet that not many bettors will place (this will increase the payout).

Tip: value odds horses should be avoided. Also, the remaining two legs should have 8 horses entered (or more). Secondly, make sure that the next two horses of your choosing have true odds of 6-1 or better. If you already have a favorite with good odds, back up your bet strategies wager with a win bet to boost the payout.

Light version

The POP pick 3 light version: bet on one preferred horse with 3 horses in the remaining two legs. Note: the horses should be within the true odds range.

Tip: it’s always a good idea to keep a log of your actions, as this is the winning formula. Keep a record every wager placed, to boost your odds and increase the payout. Sportsbook wager is, after all, as profitable as it is fun.

Best sport betting sites

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